Boosted Board Pulley Adapters

  • Re-use your original Boosted Pulleys
  •  Convert stock 56T pulley to 68T pulley (ideal for 105mm wheels)
  • Hot Swappable. Easily switch between original pulley and the adapter 
  • Free Shipping to USA, UK and EU

We make and ship all our products from the UK. Orders overseas take a couple extra days to get to you 🙂 

STL for personal use only. non-commercial.
100% Money Back Guarantee

Using the Pulley Adapter with Boosted 105mm Wheels (or Dad Bod 105mm)

I made these pulley adapters for this exact reason. 

I wanted to use Boosted 105s or Orangatang 105mm Dad Bod on my Mini X. But I didn’t want to the top speed and acceleration to change. I live in a hilly area and need the torque, and going more than 20MPH on my Mini is too scary. 

The original wheels use a 56T Pulley. To have the same performance with 105mm wheels you need to use a 68T pulley. You can buy aluminium 68T pulleys for $140. 

I’m sure they perform great. But it makes upgrading to 105mm wheels over 300 dollars with wheels!

Important Details:

  1. The regular 225mm belts are too small for a 68T pulley. Use a 243mm belt instead 👍

I’m sharing the file freely for non-commercial use. This means if you have a 3D printer you can print them for yourself. 

Video Demo coming soon! Currently editing (27 Nov 2022)

More Pulley Adapter sizes coming soon! And custom orders

Want to dial in your perfect ride? You can use different sized pulleys to do that. 

The most popular option is going to be using a 68T adapter with 105mm wheels. Comfy 105mm ride with stock boosted feels ☀️

Because I design the parts myself I can make virtually any size pulley adapter. If you feel like you want more torque from your 105mm setup try a 75T pulley. 

If you want to order a custom pulley adapter size check out the Custom Pulley Order section. 

I design all the pulleys in Fusion 360.

Order a custom Pulley Adapter

Want some custom made? Look right here! 

If you’re using something other than a Boosted 105mm you might want a custom pulley. 

115mm? 120mm? Whatever is it. Send me an email at with some details like5wheel size, and what kind of change you want (speed vs acceleration). Custom pulleys are $55. 

How the Pulley Adapters are made

printing the V2 desk mount

The Pulley Adapters are 3D printed in my workshop in London. 

They are made from ASA plastic. It’s a durable material used often in automotive parts. I chose it because: 

  • It can withstand temperatures upto 100 degrees C without deforming 
  • It’s UV resistant. So will not degrade in the sun (this is why it’s used in cars) 
  • It’s one of the strongest plastics you can 3D print. Ideal for mechanical uses outdoors
printing the V2 desk mount

After the pulleys are printed I manually check each part fits on an original Boosted Pulley.