Filament Drybox -
Cheap and Fast

I wanted to make compact filament dry-box that was cheap. And from parts available on Amazon prime. 

Parts list:
  1. 5L food container. Comfortably fits 20cm spools up to 100mm wide. 
  2. Silica Gel sachets. Much more convenient than loose beads and similar price per kilo. 
  3. Bowden tube and fittings kit. Plenty of ptfe tube and fittings. 
  4. 608 skate bearings. 29p per bearing…BARGAIN!
  5. Tush Spool Holder. Simple and works great.
  6. 3D Printed parts. Feet to keep Dry-box level. Silica gel sachet container that installs in top corner.

This all came to £27. It’s enough to make 5 filament boxes (apart from the food container). So works out around £10 per Dry-Box. 


  1. Order all the stuff
  2. Print out the feet and silica gel container 
  3. Tape them on as shown in photos (I used 3M VHB tape)
  4. Drill two 5mm holes for the Bowden fittings. I used the smaller thread ones (5.3mm diameter).
  5. Carefully thread them into the 5mm holes until finger tight 
  6. Install bowden tube. 
  7. Assemble your TUSH spool holder and load in the filament. 

I’m really pleased how this turned out. I much prefer a smaller single spool dry-box. Over a big multi-spool one. I live in the UK and it’s very humid. Often 100%. My PLA often goes bad within in a week. So I’m hoping I won’t have to worry about that anymore. 

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