Desk Mount for M1 and M3 iMac Power Adapter

  • Mount power adapter under desk
  • Screw or stick to desk with VHB tape
  • Free Shipping to USA, UK and EU

Orders are made on demand and will arrive in 7-10 business days.  

100% Money Back Guarantee

Version 3 now shipping!

Version 3 is now shipping! Here’s whats different: 

  •  Made from higher quality white resin that feels much more substantial 
  • New design with screw holes for secure mounting 
  • I no longer pre-apply the VHB tape
Why did I make these changes? 
  • The white resin is super high quality. It almost feels injection moulded and I wanted to improve the overall finish. 
  •  I got lots of emails requesting screw holes 
  • Pre-applying the tape was very time consuming and slowed down production. 

What my customers are saying 👇

How to make your M1 and M3 iMac setup clean and organised (Steve jobs would approve)

If you’re reading this your probably a bit of an apple fan boy. 

I love the design of the new iMac. So thin and sleek! 

But when I saw it had an external power supply, I couldn’t believe it! If Steve jobs was still alive and had any hair left he’d be pulling it out! 

the new M1 iMac power adapter

As soon as I got my hands on one I started designing a solution to fix this abomination. 

What I came up with was a 3D printed bracket that lets you mount the power adapter under your desk. Now it’s totally stealth and really tidy looking. You can’t even see it. 

I posted this video 👇 to r/macsetups that quickly got over 1100 upvotes! It shot up to number 1 and remains a high ranking post. Check out the thread here 

The benefits of using my 3D printed bracket: 

  • it tidies up your desk / home office space
  • it’s easy to remove the power adapter any time 
  • it’s 3D printed which is rad!
  • it gets your power adapter off the floor. So kids / pets can’t mess with it
Let me tell you how to do this the budget way without my adapter too. Don’t tell me I never gave you nothin!
  • get some strong tape (like 3M VHB) and just stick that sucker right onto the desk. 
  • the middle backside of the desk is usually the best place
  • but if your power outlets are far away, stick it in whatever corner is closet to the power outlet

The con’s of the budget approach: 

  • you have to stick tape directly onto the power adapter. It may leave residue or scuff it up (probably not great if you want to resell or return) 
  • the power adapter gets warm during use. So some tapes might melt off and loose stickyness 

M1 iMac power adapter desk mount

What will get in the box? 

  • A 3D printed bracket to mount your power adapter in Space Grey 
  • Strong 3M tape will be pre-applied for your convenience. Just peel and stick!

Where are they made? And shipped from? 

  • I live in London, UK. All bracket are 3D printed here in my workshop. I ship all over the world! It’s no drama 
100% Money Back Guarantee

How the desk mounts are made

printing the V2 desk mount

It all happens at my workshop in London. 

Each desk mount is 3D printed here. I check the quality of the print. And once I’m happy it moves on to applying the mounting tape. 

I use 3M VHB double sided tap. It’s incredibly strong. And makes sticking these to your desk really easy. 

The surface gets wiped down with alcohol before applying the tape. To ensure it sticks really well. 

Finally it get packaged up. I send everything via Royal Mail. I’ve found them to be the most reliable. 

The packaging is all paper. And you can recycle it after it arrives if you’d like to.