prusa mini time-lapse

I wondered for ages how people made those mesmerising time-lapses of 3D prints. Well I figured it out. I’m going to tell you how to set it up in this post. 

Things you'll need

– Any DSLR camera. It doesn’t need to be mega expensive. I use a Canon 30D (about £40 used). But it needs to have a socket for remote shutter, most DSLR’s do. 

– a remote shutter release. Different brands / generations of cameras have different connectors. If you google *your camera model* shutter release you’ll find one. Buy the cheapest one with a long-ish cable. I bought this one. You only need the cable, so if you can buy just a cable do that instead. 

– a micro switch. I bought this one

– a soldering iron or crimp tools to connect some terminals and wires together