toilet roll holder


Easy to use. Easy to install. Just a sleek and simple design. I designed this after using awkward to use toilet roll-holders in the wild. 

All toilet roll holders are shipped with a free roll of 🧻 eco toilet paper! It helps protect it during shipping, and supports another eco-friendly bathroom product 🙂 

designed and made in London

We 3D print these wonderful bog-roll holders in our workshop. Take a look at the mesmerising Timelapse below 😮. We use eco-friendly PolyTerra PLA from PolyMaker. For each spool of filament we use, one tree gets planted to offset the carbon footprint. 

this design is free for personal use

Download it here. If you like the design and have access to a 3D printer, print it yourself!

wholesale price £13

Want to sell them in your shop? Minimum order 5 units (per colour). 1-2 week lead time. 

the box and packaging is completely recyclable

Chuck all the packaging in the recycling! We’ve made an effort to use paper packaging and tape because it’s easy to recycle.